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Possible Melconian.

Roughly human-sized anthropomorphic canids. Psychologically very similar to humans. Controlled a large empire (roughly twice the size of the Concordiat) and had a long military history. Used heavy armor and infantry units. Infantry was armored, but did not use heavy powered armor like the Concordiat did. Unlike Bolos, which were designed to be capable of solo operations, Melconian heavy mechanized units were focused on a single role. Melconian technology was less advanced than the Concordiat's (they never got around to putting AI's in their units).

Melconians are very high-strung and superstitious.  A large part of this is due to their heightened senses as "Animals" (senses superior to the average, un-enhanced Human), their "Pack" orientation with its own caste-system (subservient "lower" animals more nervous), and their extreme closeness with Nature which quides their perceptions of things and events being either 'natural', 'super-natural' or 'Not' natural.[]

This allows Psychological warfare through projection of Holographic and Harmonic (Sonic, Super-Sonic, Ultra-Sonic and E.L.F. [tectonic]) to be effective and very disruptive to Melconian Morale and therefore Operations.