Six-limbed raptor-like race, evolved from pack hunters in metal-poor old regions of the galaxy. Driven to conquest from old hunter instincts that had never worked out of their genetics, extremely militant social darwinist society. Main ground weapon was a single-manned 'walker-type' capable of limited flight & atmospheric re-entry with a pod, and also unarmored infantry. Maintained a fleet based on large capital ships.

Overall a small threat, the Malach invasion was repulsed by a pair of old Mk. XXIV Bolos . If the regular Concordiat military had been deployed, the Malach would have been easily crushed (In Bolo Brigade the Melconians are mentioned, implying that most likely the Mk. XXX was the front-line Bolo. Given that two Mk. XXIV's were able to repulse the invasion, an actual Concordiat Brigade and Navy force would have been able to crush them in short order).