I compute that before I can proceed, I must confront the enemy directly and inform myself more fully of the natureof the threat to Mankind. I shall take the necessary steps to prevent further premature contact between Life Form Two 
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The Compleat Bolo.cover
and human individuals.I have done so, and now growth of the Axorc monster has ceased. I compute that the Lord of All will now bypass

the Galaxy. For the present, all is well, but I would be remiss if I did not make provision for the preservation of an

account of the full facts of this matter. I must not allow misplaced "modesty" to cause me to leave Mankind in

ignorance of the threat which will doubtless have to be faced one day. To this end I shall make contact with Joel Trace,

requesting him to retrieve the pertinent data records from the master memory at Gobi, in accordance with a schedule I

shall supply