Lazy, or unit 28/G-179-LAZ, was a famous Bolo Mark XXVIII. He was manufactured around the turn of the 32nd century. Lazy had started out as a model B... until after the Battle of Chesterfield. After being refitted to a model G and getting awarded the Platinum Galactic cluster with star, he was shifted to the 39th Battalion where he was much later assigned to Captain Joseph Takahashi.

With Your ShieldEdit


Together they consistently outscored everyone else in simulations and field exercises. They were then shipped off to Chartres to face a surprise Melconian attack. There Lazy was knocked out when his personality center was taken out but ultimately survived, unlike his commander.

Old SoldiersEdit

He was refitted and upgraded with various modern systems, including direct neural interfacing. After being assigned captain Maneka Trevor and given the name Lazarus, he was assigned to one of the convoys in Operation Seed Corn and took part in the heroic Battle of Indrani. After the battle he was fused with Maneka using the extra survival center built into him and lived for two hundred more years with her in his 'body'. He continued to supervise the colony into the Indrani Republic. Finally after Chesterfield, Chartres, Indrani, two complete rebuilds, being fused with Maneka and a quarter millennium of service, he finally got a break to live out his final years.

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