Lance was a Bolo mark XXV. He participated in the battle of Morville. He had apparently gone rogue, as he not only abandoned his place in the defensive line against a devastating Melconian attack, but also destroyed another Bolo. His commanding Bolo, Arthur, pursues him across the inhospitable, uninhabited badlands of the planet in the wake of the battle, to destroy the rogue.

This started the Pursuit at Camlan, where for unknown reasons Lance was attempting to reach the mountains several hundred kilometers away. After laying several traps and a Hellbore firefight, he lost the race to get there and Arthur caught him.

Only later it is revealed that during that battle his personality center was damaged by a penetrating hit that pierced his armor, hull, and destroyed part of his psychotronic brain. Thus, he had abandoned his comrades while picking up multiple human children: the only survivors of the Melconian attack.

However, in his battle-damaged "insanity", he became unable to distinguish friendly units from enemies. Incorrectly believing that friendly units were enemies, he fought and escaped in an effort to save the human children, for despite his severe psychotronic brain damage, his underlying loyalty to the defense of the human race drove him to the bitter end.

Severely damaged, Lance drops the children off in the Badlands with a survival kit, then makes a suicide run on Arthur, thus forcing Arthur to regretfully destroy his comrade.