BB-4 "Last Stand"

"So began a new era of electronic warfare,..."


Richard Kloude.  Prior to Mk XXX.



     "But they still had to be dealt with. A call went out, traveling up into the Kloude Chamber where Dallas' consciousness floated in an ever flowing pool of expanding gravitational waves. The crystalline dome was a three dimensional real-time map that Dallas now had extended out fifteen light-years into the barren void that stretched out between this arm of the Milky Way and the next. For every miniature wave within the dome, its brother swept out across the cosmos and mirrored all its encounters back home.

It was a distance inconceivable to the scientist who developed the device, Nicolas Kloude. Neither could he have known how the Bolo XXX variant CSR could improve the device and find that by manipulating the waves at the source, one could alter molecular spins and magnetic phases at a distance. So began a new era of electronic warfare, until it was found out how easy it was to dampen such intrusions.