The term Infinite Repeater is applied to any rapid-firing Bolo secondary weapon with anti-armour capability. Like most other Bolo weapon systems, they have developed and improved over time. Early Bolos were outfitted with infinite repeaters that were just small- to medium-caliber projectile weapons, typically railguns or 60mm gatling guns. These are not to be confused with anti-personnel weapons, of which a bewildering array have been used, although Infinite Repeaters have certainly been used in that role.

Starting with the Bolo Mark VIII in 2209, the Infinite Repeaters were upgraded to lasers (and later gatling lasers) and these were the benchmark for over four centuries, until the development of the Bolo Mark XVI in the 27th century which used ion bolts rather than lasers. These proved highly satisfactory and were used in conflicts against the Quern , Deng and into the early years of the Melconian War . In the face of this holocaust, however, the ion bolt was replaced on the Bolo Mark XXXI and later models with 20cm Hellbores, presumably improved compared to the 25cm Hellbores that had been main armament of the Bolo Mark XIV and XV .