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Formed in the 27th century, the Dinochrome Brigade was the Concordiat 's overarching unit for Bolo forces during the latter half of its existence. It was originally made up a number of independently operating regiments that served alongside Concordiat Marines and planetary militia forces. Around the 32nd century, the force was re-organised into a number of independent Brigades although lone battalions of older Bolo models were often employed in secondline roles and regiments remained an important sub-unit.

The original Dinochrome Brigade was destroyed during the Last War but at least one successor to the Concordiat used the same term and Bolos surviving the war referenced their membership with pride.


While the most prominent part of the Dinochrome Brigade were the Bolos and their Commanders, the vast majority of their personnel were employed in support roles to maintain and repair Bolos, provide medical support to their crews and psychological support to Commanders.

Bolo Commanders[]

Even when Bolos were capable of operating without human guidance, it remained customary to assign each an single officer and whenever possible, these officers would ride the command decks of the Bolos to share the risks with their mechanical comrades. These individuals, carefully selected and highly trained, provided a statistically significant advantage to the Bolos even before the use of Direct Neural Interfacing and more than one Bolo cited it as a factor in the legendary loyalty of the Bolo: humanity did not simply send Bolos to make war, they led them - and from the front.