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Compound 31- IB

(BOLO-CSR, memo for record, prior to the RAS-APE Uprisings and also to the Land Crab

Scandals of 1086 NS through 1092 NS, for which see below para. 102)

It is time now to examine further the curious manifestations of the strange substance known as Compound 31 IB. Although there has been considerable interest in an investigation of the curious patch of jungle growth which has sprung up in Queen's Park at the site of my first mission, no conclusions have yet been released by the authorities. I have, of course, secured an adequate sample of the original compound direct from its source in Asia Minor. My 'analysis of its strange properties will require some minutes. I compute . . .

It appears that the unusual growth-stimulating properties of Compound 31 IB are due to trace impurities in the form of complex hydrocarbons derived from carbonaceous chondrites, which I designate "Star X." I have found this same contaminant in a number of ore bodies in the American West, doubtless the sites of ancient meteor strikes.

My preliminary examination of the material suggests that very substantial volumes of water will be required for large-scale separation and refinement.

I must take appropriate steps to acquire and sequester further supplies of these chondrites, which should be present at the sites of meteor strikes. Star X is found in association with various rare metals, including yttrium, osmium, and irridium. And, also, of course, I must begin a program of water management.

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