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Bolo Mark XXXIII
Year of Introduction ????
Weight 32,000 tons
Road Speed 115
Sprint Speed 500
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware Autonomous

3x 200cm Hellbore

14x 20cm Hellbore

4x 240cm Howitzer

10x 40cm Mortar

Heavy VLS missile system

12x 25 megajoule Anti-Personal Lasers

'The last - and largest - standardized Bolo introduced into service. The Mark XXXIII weighed no less than 32,000 tons and mounted a main armament of three independently-turreted 200cm Hellbores with a secondary armament of fourteen 20cm Hellbore infinite repeaters in two lateral batteries. Equipped with a very sophisticated indirect fire system, the sheer firepower of the Mark XXXIII was a reversion to the old siege unit thinking, though it was normally referred to as a planetary siege unit, not merely a continental one. No one knows how many Mark XXXIIIs were actually built, but official planning called for them to be deployed in independent brigades of 24 units each. Despite the increase in weight, speed remained equivalent to the Mark XXXI, and the Mark XXXIII's internal counter-grav could supply the assault landing capability for which the Mark XXXII had required an auxiliary unit.'

- Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.

Confederation/Post-Concordiat Bolo Mark XXXIII's used Mark 7 Assault Landing Pods (ALP) in lieu of internal counter-grav.