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Bolo Mark XXXII
Year of Introduction 3356
Weight 21,000 tons
Road Speed 115
Sprint Speed 500
Indirect Fire Tac/Theater
Self Aware Autonomous

1x 200cm Hellbore

12x 20cm Hellbore

Light VLS missile system

The last Bolo whose year of introduction is known with certainty, the Mark XXXII was essentially a Mark XXXI with the added refinement of direct human-Bolo neural-psychotronic interfacing. Provision was also made for attachment of a counter-grav unit sufficient, under emergency conditions, to permit the Bolo to make an assault landing without benefit of transport. Offensive and defensive systems were comparable to those of the Mark XXXI. The Mark XXXII was the final version of the 'standard' Bolo.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.