Bolo Mark XXX (Magnificent)
Year of Introduction 3231
Weight 17,000 tons
Road Speed 115
Sprint Speed 500
Indirect Fire Tac/Theater
Self Aware Autonomous
Armament 1x 110cm Hellbore

12x Ion Bolt Infinite Repeater 4x 30cm mortars 20 Tube Vertical Launch System (5x Isis Orbital Denial Thermonuclear Missiles, 15x Icehawk Anti-Armor Missiles) (Added to Mark XXXs with the Melconian Front Optimization Refit Version 2)

Introduced on the eve of the Human-Melconian 'Last War', the Bolo Mark XXX was the direct descendant of the Mark XXVIII. The incorporation of counter-grav into the Mark XXX's suspension and power train went far towards offsetting the mobility penalties increasing weight had inflicted on preceding generations. The Mark XXX incorporated still further improvements to the hyper-heuristic capabilities of the Marks XXVII–XXIX, new dual-ply battle screen (which was not only more effective against kinetic weapons but also capable of absorbing at least some of the power of almost any energy weapon and diverting it to the Bolo's use), and a new and improved cold-fusion power plant. Weight dropped from the Mark XXIX's 24,000 tons to 17,000 and normal speed increased to 115 kph. For very short intervals, the Mark XXX could divert sufficient power to its counter-grav units to achieve actual free flight at velocities up to 500 kph, but could not operate its battle screen or internal disrupter shields or fire its main armament while doing so.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.

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