Bolo Mark XXVII (Invictus)
Year of Introduction 3185
Weight 11,000 tons
Road Speed 150
Sprint Speed 150
Indirect Fire Tactical
Self Aware Autonomous

1x 110cm Hellbore

10x ion bolt Infinite Repeaters

The Mark XXVII (Invictus), XXVIII (Triumphant), and XXIX (Victorious) marked a temporary reversion to the older practice of assigning mark numbers on the basis of armament and function rather than psychotronics technology. All three had essentially identical cybernetics, which concentrated on further improvements to their hyper-heuristic packages, but the Mark XXVIII and XXIX also incorporated a complete changeover to molecular circuitry throughout, aside from the power linkages to their energy armaments. All three of these marks were used in the new, independent brigades which replaced the old regiment structure of the original Dinochrome Brigade , but, in some ways, the units marked a reversion to the old 'specialist' designs. All mounted the new 110cm 'super' Hellbore (2.75 megatons/second), but the Mark XXVII was a 'light', fast Bolo, with greatly reduced secondary armament, limited indirect fire capability, and a vastly improved sensor suite, intended to serve in a scouting and screening role for the independent brigades. (This function had been performed by light manned or unmanned vehicles, and the old Mark XXI/I, with psychotronic upgrades, remained in service for special forces applications. The new strategically self-directing Bolo brigades, however, required an integral scouting element, one not limited by "stealth" considerations and capable of fighting for information at need.)

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.