Bolo Mark XXIX (Victorious)
Year of Introduction 3190
Weight 24,000 tons
Road Speed 110
Sprint Speed 110
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware Autonomous

2x 110cm Hellbore

20x ion bolt Infinite Repeaters

The Mark XXVII (Invictus), XVIII (Triumphant), and XXIX (Victorious) marked a temporary reversion to the older practice of assigning mark numbers on the basis of armament and function rather than psychotronics technology. All three had essentially identical cybernetics, which concentrated on further improvements to their hyper-heuristic packages, but the Mark XXVIII and XXIX also incorporated a complete changeover to molecular circuitry throughout, aside from the power linkages to their energy armaments. All three of these marks were used in the new, independent brigades which replaced the old regiment structure of the original Dinochrome Brigade , but, in some ways, the units marked a reversion to the old 'specialist' designs.

The Mark XXIX was an unabashedly 'heavy' Bolo—indeed, it remained the heaviest Bolo ever deployed prior to the Mark XXXIII . It reverted to the twin Hellbore armament of the Mark XXIII (though still in 110cm caliber), coupled with a much enhanced indirect fire capability, and an integral logistics/maintenance function which it could extend to other units of the brigade. (The maintenance/repair function became standard in all succeeding Bolo designs.) The independent brigades normally consisted of four regiments of three 12unit battalions each: one of Mark XXVIIs, two of Mark XXVIIIs, and one of Mark XIXs.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.