Bolo Mark XXII (Thunderous)
Year of Introduction 2890
Weight 15,000 tons
Road Speed 80
Sprint Speed 135
Indirect Fire Tactical
Self Aware Autonomous

1x 90cm Hellbore

16x Ion Bolt Infinite Repeater

6x 30cm BL mortars

VLS Missile systems

The Mark XXII saw both further advances in cybernetics and psychotronics and a considerable upgrade in firepower with the new 'super' Hellbore, a 90cm weapon which increased its destructive output to a full two megatons/second. Secondary armament mirrored the Mark XXI 's. The Mark XXII was also the first Bolo to mount an interplanetary-range subspace com, and, for the first time, the Navy modified its cybernetics to permit a Bolo's psychotronics to directly control the maneuvers and defensive systems of its armor transport spacecraft (now unmanned in combat) for assault insertions, which increased its chance of penetrating hostile defenses by an order of magnitude. The Mark XXII's kinetic battle screen showed a 36 percent increase in effectiveness over the Mark XXI's, and weight hovered around 14,000–15,000 tons for all models, with a top speed of 80 kph and a 'sprint' capability of 120–135 kph.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.

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