Bolo Mark XXI (Terrible)
Year of Introduction 2869
Weight Varies
Road Speed Varies
Sprint Speed Varies
Indirect Fire Varies
Self Aware Limited

1x 60cm Hellbore

4x 30cm BL mortars

varying VLS capability

16x ion bolt Infinite Repeaters

Following the introduction of the Mark XX , a nomenclature policy was adopted under which new mark numbers were to be issued only to reflect substantial increases in psychotronic capability. (The new practice was temporarily abandoned with the Mark XXVII -Mark XXIX series, but resumed with the Mark XXX .) The Mark XXI actually proliferated into several sub-variants which would have received their own mark numbers under the old system, including yet another attempt at a 'heavy' Bolo (which tipped the scales at over 20,000 tons and was never adopted for field use), and the 'stealth' forward reconnaissance XXI/I. Mainstream Bolo development, however, followed the 'standard' format, and the Mark XXI/B reverted to the single 60cm Hellbore main armament of the Mark XIX. The major advance lay in the enhanced computational speed of the mark's computers and improvements in the personality centers of successive models. Although still fringed about by inhibitory programming to control self-directed actions outside combat, the Mark XXI was much more capable in combat. This mark also saw the introduction of TSDS (Total Systems Data-Sharing) technology into the regiments of the Dinochrome Brigade. In practice, each unit of the regiment operated in battle as a single component of a multi-unit awareness in a free-flow tactical link which combined the conclusions of all its Bolos to formulate future actions.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.