Bolo Mark XVII (Implacable)
Year of Introduction 2650
Weight 6,500 tons
Road Speed 75
Sprint Speed 88
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware No

1x 60cm Hellbore

6x 25cm howitzers

Heavy VLS missile system

8x Ion Bolt Infinite Repeater

Introduced simultaneously with the Mark XVI , the Mark XVII was the "heavy" version of the same basic weapon system. Main armament was upgraded from a 50cm Hellbore to a 60cm weapon, and the ion-bolt infinite repeaters were increased to a total of fifteen (six each in two lateral batteries with a three-gun frontal battery in the glacis). The Mark XVI's mortars were deleted in favor of six 25cm howitzers and an increased missile armament. Weight increased to 6,500 tons, and maximum road speed dropped to 75 kph. The Mark XVII formed the 'heavy regiments' of the original Dinochrome Brigade .

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.