Bolo Mark XIII
Year of Introduction 2247
Weight 565 tons
Road Speed 50-75
Sprint Speed 50-75
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware No

1x laser cannon Heavy VLS missile system

4x 15cm BL mortars

12x laser Infinite Repeaters

The Mark XIII was essentially a Mark XII with main anti-armor armament restored. Although the main gun ate up almost 25 percent of the tonnage dedicated to magazine space in the Mark XIII, the Mark XIII's bombardment capability actually slightly exceeded that of the Mark XII with only minimal overall weight increases. This was made possible largely through improvements in fission technology (allowing a smaller power plant) and the first use of a flintsteel inner war hull under a much thinner durachrome sheath. The Mark XIII/B's weight of 565 tons held fairly constant in all models of the mark. Road speed was 50 kph in the XIII/B, rising to 75 in late-series models as suspension and power train improvements became available.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.