Bolo Mark XII
Year of Introduction 2240
Weight 500 tons
Road Speed 50
Sprint Speed 50
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware No

Heavy VLS missile system

12x laser Infinite Repeaters

This was the first true 'continental siege unit', designed for strategic indirect fire with VLS cells capable of handling missiles with intercontinental range. The Mark XII was capable of MIRVed FROB attacks and of engaging orbital targets with hyper-velocity surface-to-space missiles. Main anti-armor armament was deleted, but the Mark XII was equipped with extremely capable anti-air/anti-missile defenses (in effect, it was an area defense system, as well as a bombardment unit). The vehicle was normally mated with a BAU (Bolo Ammunition Unit), a Mark XII with all offensive armament deleted to provide magazine space for multiple load-outs for the Mark XII's missile batteries. Although the Mark XII continued to carry a one-man crew, it was primarily designed for pre-loaded computerized battle plans. Weight was 500 tons, with a road speed 50 kph.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.