Keith Laumer Wiki
Bolo Mark X
Year of Introduction 2235
Weight 350 tons
Road Speed 70
Sprint Speed 70
Indirect Fire None
Self Aware No

1x laser cannon

12x laser Infinite Repeaters

The Mark X Bolo was the first bolo to incorporate an energy weapon as its main armament. It had a Laser cannon similar to the Mark VIII and Mark IX laser Infinite Repeaters. The cannon was less powerful on a per-hit basis but didn't need magazine space.In case the laser cannon proved impractical, the Mark XI was introduced simultaneously and it was equipped with a more conventional railgun. There were many other differences between the Mark X and its predecessor. Approximately 1/3 of the Mark IXs close in gatlings were replaced by multibarreled, flechette firing, railguns. It also lacked any high trajectory, indirect fire weapons. This mark had sufficient computer capability to use pre-loaded battle plans. These only required human intervention when they came across unanticipated tactical scenarios, so there was a one man crew. This mark was 50 tons lighter than the Mark IX, at 350 tons, so it was also faster, with a maximum road speed of 70kph.

Source: A Brief Technical History of the Bolos by Prof. Felix Hermes, Ph.D.