Keith Laumer Wiki
Bolo Mark VI
Year of Introduction 2162
Weight 238 tons
Road Speed 80
Sprint Speed 80
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware No

Heavy VLS missile system,

14x 60mm gatling Infinite Repeaters

The Bolo Mark six was a direct descendant of the Mark III "mobile firebase" concept. While it had the same power plant and computer support of the Mark V , its railgun main armament was replaced by a VLS missile system. To compensate for the lack of a railgun, the 60mm infinite repeaters were upgraded to 7 guns per side.

   The Mobile Firebase Concept was the PreCursor, the actual "First Inkling", of the "PLANETARY Siege Unit" which required the VLS Missile as it's main Primary Weapons System.  

Note:  The HelBore remained a Primary but was limited to a degree by it's direct LOS requirement.  The Hellbore remained the main Primary in orbital engagements.

(The Hellbore was Initially Line-Of-Sight, then in post-apocopalyptic Marks a "Line-of-Scan" multi-vector guided munition.  The HellBore continued to increase in diameter.)