Keith Laumer Wiki
Bolo Mark V
Year of Introduction 2160
Weight 198 tons
Road Speed 80
Sprint Speed 80
Indirect Fire None
Self Aware No

1x 190mm railgun

12x 60mm gatling Infinite Repeaters

The Mark V was a revolution in technology. This is because of many features that would be in all future Bolos. The most prominent, though, was the fact that these had on board a nuclear power plants. The fission plant was not the only technological advancement. The Mark V was the first so-called 'deep wader'. That means that they did not require bridging support because they could cross lakes and small seas by driving across the bottom. The main armament was a 190mm railgun supported by six 60mm infinite repeaters. The Mark V continued to use laser clusters for point defense and limited anti-personnel capability. The main anti-personnel capability came from flechette clusters. These saw their first use in the Mark V. In a drive to hold down weight, the missile capability was downsized and restricted to SAMs. As a result, weight dropped to 200 tons, with a max speed of 80kph.