Keith Laumer Wiki
Bolo Mark IV
Year of Introduction 2116
Weight 210 tons
Road Speed 60
Sprint Speed 60
Indirect Fire Strategic
Self Aware No

1x 165mm railgun

6x Infinite Repeater railguns

The mark four picked up where the Mark II left off. It had a main armament of one 165mm railgun supported by an infinite repeater battery of six 20mm railguns. Indirect fire armament consisted of 75 VLS launchers. Fielded in 2116, this bolo was the first to use energy weapons. These laser clusters were designed to supplement other systems in the point-defense role. The bolos power supply was the same as the mark three but with much improved solar film. Armor was thickened to 30mm of durachrome yet weight dropped to 210 tons. Maximum speed increased correspondingly to 60 kph on the road.