Keith Laumer Wiki
Bolo Mark II
Year of Introduction 2015
Weight 194 tons
Road Speed 80
Sprint Speed 80
Indirect Fire None
Self Aware No

1x 150mm DSFSLRP

4x Infinite Repeater railguns

The mark two was an improvment on the mark one, introduced in 2015. It incorporated vastly improved onboard computers that allowed it to be operated by a single crewman. Main armament remained the same but secondary armament increased to four railguns in two two-gun batteries; one on each side. It had the first durachrome armor with a thickness of 10 millimeters that was capable of stopping anything short of the Bolo's own 150mm DSFSLRP round. The power source changed slightly. The primary source remained fossil fuel but it also included a 12 hour backup supply of ionic batteries. Weight rose to 194 metric tons and speed was 80 kph(road) and 30kph (cross country).