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Bolo Mark I
Year of Introduction 2000
Weight 150 tons
Road Speed 80
Sprint Speed 80
Indirect Fire None
Self Aware No

1x 150mm DSFSLRP

Point def/AP gatlings

The first Bolo ever created, The Mark I Bolo was a modest upgrade to the M1 Abrams. It went into production in the year 2000, by the Bolo Division of General Motors. the Mark I was essentially a 150 tonne conventional tank powered by diesel engines and equipped with various servos and mechanical devices to reduce crew requirements and armed with one turreted 150mm DSFSLRP main gun, as well as some secondary armaments which consisted of several point defense/anti personnel gatling guns. The Mk. I was equipped with on board radar and computerized fire control packages. It relied on a pair of highly efficent, fossil fuel power plants and could reach a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. It had a crew of four and an approximate weight of 150 metric tons. After a fairly short production run, it was replaced by the Bolo Mark II.