Keith Laumer Wiki

Author David Drake
Published 1993
Appears in: The Best of the Bolos ; Bolos Book I: Honor of the Regiment


Before battle, Major Peter Bowen in the science staff of the human invasion force of Anceti space enters the 3rd Battalion Bolo bay and engages in conversation with Maldon, a Bolo Mark XXX. They discuss both the battle for which the Bolo is named (the Battle of Maldon) as well as the science of the Anceti, his theories about which the Bolos have not been appraised.

During the battle. Maldon engages a mysterious alien research facility, deducing the nature of their breakthrough due to Bowen's information and theories, and countering it in true Bolo fashion.


Get in, get out, quit muckin' about -- Drive on!!

Heart grow stronger, will firmer, // Mind more composed, as our strength lessens.

I would like to watch as the Enemy try to vent an omnidirectional thermonuclear explosion into their research facility.