Author David Weber
Published 1997
Appears in: Bolos Book IV: Last Stand ; The Best of the Bolos; Bolo!


At the height of the Melconian War , both the Concordiat and the Melconian Empire turned to genocidal strategies - leading to a holocaust. On Ishark XLIII Corps slaughtered the entire Melconian population but at the cost of their entire strength.

Decades later a human refugee ship - perhaps the last one - had founded a small colony on Ishark but a ragtag Melconian flotilla - perhaps the last - had also found Ishark. Bolo Mark XXXIII/D-1097-SHV 'Shiva' was the last, damaged survivor of XLIII Corps and had killed uncounted Melconians across half a hundred worlds. Now the fate of two races was his to decide.

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